NGO Trainers’ Association

We are nationwide non-governmental organization uniting more than 200 people working in adult education and working for social change in Poland. Our office is in the capital city – Warsaw.

The most important area of activity of Association is training new trainers and developing qualifications of the professional ones.

The NGO Trainers’ Association Association delivers many activities in field of youth and adults education, especially in training of trainers, educators and facilitators. Our experience in adult education is a result of many ToT courses, courses for facilitators and shorter workshops for experienced trainers, that undergone about 1000 persons.

NGO Trainers’ Association actively works on the quality of learning process in non-formal education. We’ve created and developed the system of certificates of quality in learning for trainers and educators, which is acknowledged by many institutions in Poland and is shown as an example of innovation in non-formal education.

In the recent years we have started activities, focused on preparing trainers to work with special needs groups, which are in the risk of social exclusion like elderly people and blind/visually impaired people.

We participate in international projects. We support sharing information and experiences in adult information, promote new trends, valuable sources of knowledge, ways and methods of coaching work, the use of modern technology in teaching adults. We are active in searching for innovations in the field of training, education, development in Poland and abroad. We work with organizations, institutions, experts. We implement projects financed from external resources and training to order specific groups.

We inspire and develop talents in trainers and strengthen non-governmental organizations and other forms of social self-organization in the field of quality of educational processes.