E-process in e-learning

Our focus

We promote remote methods in adult education

How do we teach the use of e-learning in Poland, Latvia, Germany and Belgium


From our partners the tools and e-learning methods and how to apply the principle of learning through experience and active methods for e-learning


Courses for and trainers in the field of efficient use of e-learning and other tools associated with remote learning and to implement them in the form of short course.


Manual for trainers (with drafts for training, descriptions of exercises and recommendations).

Handbook for trainers


About us

We are Polish national, independent non-governmental organization.
NGO Trainers' Association

Since 1998 we help trainers working for the development of civil society at different stages of their careers. We run Trainers’ School (primary, advanced and specialized) as well as individual and group supervisions. We support coaches and trainers in individual professional and personal development.

We’ve created and developed the system of certificates of quality in learning for trainers and educators, which is acknowledged by many institutions in Poland.

We are actively working on the quality of learning process in non-formal education. We participate in international projects, share information on trends and methods of adult education and on the use of modern technology in adults education.


The project combines the experience of an international consortium
New Media School

The New Media School is a non-profit organisation. The NMS tries to enhance and to realise the educational use of new media in society and education.

The NMS can provide activities, products and services related to these media: all graphic, multimedial, digital and electronic communication.

The NMS wishes to co-operate with schools, publishers, providers and others, to enhance and to spread the educational means and contents. Its purpose is to enhance the social development, through education and training, nationally in Flanders, but also internationally through European partnerships and projects.
Wisamar Bildungsgesellschaft

We are a non-profit orientated organisation in Leipzig, Germany, active in the project coordination in cultural, vocational and adult education.

One of our main work fields are projects of lifelong learning. We send and receive groups in European Mobility and act as partner as well as coordinator in Learning Partnerships, Multilateral Projects and Transfer of Innovation Projects. We also opened a centre for the accreditation of non-formal and informal learning in our city together with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Leipzig.

In our language and mobility department we offer young people, persons at the labour market as well as teachers, trainers and human resources managers the possibility to look beyond the horizon, to gain practical experiences abroad or to have an exchange with colleagues about teaching methods, contents and organization.
Leipzig, GERMANY
Centre for Education and Innovation Research

CEIR is a non-profit research institution, acting in the field of education and research.

All activities of CEIR are aimed at securing and further expanding: qualitative and efficient scientific research via interdisciplinary approach, cooperation between enterprises, educational institutions and state organizations, and innovations developed (elaborated and promoted) in international education and research projects.

CEIR is characterized by an intensive collaboration between the suppliers and recipients of education services and brings in experience in the development of criteria and procedural standards for education quality and teaching based on learning outcomes and the evaluation of conformity of education programs.


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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E-LEARNING (electronic educational technology) - is the use of technological tools in learning. It covers all processes related to teaching and learning in a networked environment.

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