Training programs

Program of ToT cover theoretical concepts, methodologies, methods, instruments, tools and techniques of a training course.

1. Educational aims: to improve knowledge and competencies regarding technology and usage of technology in process of adult learning. Particularly:

  • e-learning, b-learning, distance learning – different approaches, different tools, different results
  • open educational resources – what is it, where is it, how to use it (technically, legally)
  • methods of e-education, combining “traditional” elements with “modern” – replacing and substituting, “big picture” and “detailed work”

PROGRAM ToT part 1 (en)

2. Educational aims: to improve knowledge and competences regarding methods of learning adult people, engaging them and benefit from group work – in real and in virtual world, to prepare the e-learning adjusted to the special needs of different participants according to their ability (eldery people, blind and visually impaired people)

  • review of adults’ learning approaches
  • active methods in adults learning – David Kolb cycle, Malcolm Knowles rules, Dale’s cone: idea and implementation
  • group dynamic as a factor of effective learning
  • model of engagement in adults education
  • audiodescription in e-learning

PROGRAM ToT part 2 (en)

3. Educational aims:

  • to prepare program of the course for trainers including review of other ICT methods use in distance learning (trends like mobile-learning, webinars and so on), with big impact on Open Educational Research and how to use them to combine new course or enhance implementing course
  • to describe the role and responsibility of “e-trainers”, how to be an expert in virtual world, how to take care of authority of trainer and self-development in virtual world.

PROGRAM ToT part 3 (en)