We invite you to participate in training courses for international groups. Two courses in 2022, which we have developed as part of the Skrzydła dla STOP project (Wings for STOP), are fully financed for participants.

The project is financed from the funds received from NIW- CRSO under The Civil Society Organisations Development Programme for 2018-2030 CSODP (PROO).


Our experienced trainers and supervisors, who have several years of practice working with adult learners, conduct the courses in English. We direct our courses to European trainers, educators, teachers, and facilitators working with groups and adult learners in a non-formal context. Before each training, we will survey the participants’ needs.

We have the opportunity to finance participation, accommodation and travel for 20 participants in two courses in 2022:  “Me, Myself and I” and  “ICT Teaching Skills” (10 people for each course). Courses in 2023 are paid. The price for participation in the 5-day course is 400 euros for one person. The price cover training, a training room and a coffee break.

Me, Myself and I – self-care in educator’s life

5-day workshop entirely devoted to the topic of self-care where you get to prioritize YOU.

14-19.11.2022- confirmed (Wilga near Warszawa)

15-19.05.2023 (Warszawa)

16-20.10.2023 (Warszawa)


ICT Teaching Skills

A 5-day course devoted to improving digital skills used in education (formal and informal), in particular in creating videos and PowerPoint presentations. The workshops are aimed at beginners, i.e. people who intend to start using ICT in their educational work.

28.11-02.12.2022- confirmed (Wrocław)

17-21.06.2023 (Wrocław)

27.11-1.12.2023 (Wrocław)


Principles of effective learning environment for adults

A 5-day workshop on how you can create an engaging and effective educational process for adult learners, based on neuroscience discoveries and key theories.

20-24.03.2023 (Warszawa)

21-25.08.2023 (Warszawa)


Designing Long Educational Cycles

A 5 days course for those who want to learn how to develop a longer course and benefit from the group process.

17-21.04.2023 (Kraków or Warszawa)

18-22.09.2023 (Kraków or Warszawa)



Anna SkoczCoordinator of international activities