Educational materials in English

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the educational materials created as part of the Skrzydła dla STOP (Wings for STOP) project, which supports the development of the NGO Trainers’ Association (we use acronym STOP). 

We have been working on European projects for years, and we have experience working with international groups. As participants of trainings and international projects, our members make a significant substantive contribution. Thanks to our extensive experience and unique potential, we decided to be involved in the European community, share knowledge, and increase the competence of European trainers and educators working with adult learners. We are creating an offer of English-language training and educational materials. 

We invite you to read the articles, watch films, and also on our Courses for international groups on issues of adult education and work with groups.


The project is financed from funds received from NIW-CRSO under The Civil Society Organisations Development Programme for 2018-2030 CSODP (PROO).


TITLE: What is intercultural competence?
AUTHOR: Anna Skocz – trainer, activist and animator of the local community introduces the details.
LANGUAGE: English (subtitles: Polish)

The video describes intercultural competence and which models of competence and tools for competency assessment are recommended.


TITLE: Applied Drama – a method of developing social skills
AUTHOR: Ola Chodasz – trainer, facilitator, supervisor of the Applied Drama method,
LANGUAGE: Polish (subtitles: English)

What is Applied Drama? How this approach can be used in working with groups, increase the motivation and self-confidence of participants and their courage to change and develop their skills.


TITLE: BRAIN-FRIENDLY TEACHING: How to help your audience really learn?
AUTHOR: Gośka Tur

This article will help you to assess the level of brain-friendliness of your educational activities. You can get knowledge about:

  • The magic within our brains
  • When does a human brain learn the best?
Cover of article Brain-friendly teaching

TITLE: How to conduct educational activities in multicultural  and multinational groups

AUTHOR: Gośka Tur

This article can support you in getting more confidence, as it cover issues such as:

  • What to consider when designing an international educational activity?
  • What cultural and religious differences should you pay attention to?
  • What to keep in mind to effectively support the educational processes of participants from different cultures and nations?
Cover - artucle How to conduct educational activities

TITLE: Elements of body and movement education in working with groups and in conducting training

AUTHOR: Karolina Dorożała

In working with the body and in all somatic practices, the practitioners work based on a movement that is a response to external and internal stimuli. It follows the same paths in the brain as emotions, so through movement, you can influence them and the perception of reality, yourself and other people.

Cover - article Elements of body and movement education

TITLE: When our brain learns best – the neuroscience perspective on conditions enhancing the learning process in a group

AUTHOR: Marta Sykut


TITLE: How to evoke the learner’s responsibility for the learning process and its outcomes? 

AUTHOR: Marta Sykut


TITLE: Me as a trainer and educator – so who?

AUTHOR: Gośka Tur


TITLE: A practical checklist for your educational activity from the NVC perspective

AUTHOR: Gośka Tur


TITLE: The social aspect of emotions – let’s talk about SEL

AUTHOR: Karolina Dorożała, Łukasz Szewczyk (Marta Sykut – translation)


TITLE: Using games in education

AUTHOR: Grzegorz Idziak, Anna Jarzębska, (Marta Sykut – translation)