ICT in remote learning workshop

We invite you to participate in an online workshop for international groups Five ICT tools and solutions worth knowing for experiential remote learning,  which we have developed as part of the Skrzydła dla STOP project (Wings for STOP).

  • 16 December 2022, 9.00-14.00 CET
  • Zoom Platform
  • Participation in the workshop is free of charge

NGO Trainers’ Association (sTOP) is a non-governmental organisation uniting over 220 trainers and educators and working for change in Poland. We have over 23 years of experience in training trainers and developing the qualifications of professional trainers. Our experienced trainers and supervisors, who have several years of practice working with adult learners, conduct the workshops in English. We direct it to European trainers, educators, and teachers who conduct online training and would like to expand their workshop.

MORE ABOUT US: www.stowarzyszeniestop.pl/ngo-trainers-association

What is it about?

During the workshop, you will:

  • Learn about IT tools and solutions you can use to boost the benefits of online education by implementing learning by doing approach,
  • Learn and experience exemplary ICT tools and solutions like Padlet, Canva, Kahoot, Jamboard, and virtual walks that foster online learning,
  • Reflect on Experiential Learning Theory and its practical applications in remote education.

Whom are we looking for?

Online teaching skills:

  • trainers and educators who conduct online training and would like to expand their workshop,
  • trainers and educators of basic online skills,
  • trainers and educators looking for new ways and methods to create an engaging space for online learning.



Agnieszka is the president of STOP and a certificated trainer. She brings her expertise in delivering remote workshops for European educators and a practical approach to ICT tools and solutions that make learning effective and attractive for participants.


Owner of a training company, he has been training NGOs, local authorities, informal groups, young people and people at risk of exclusion since 2000. President of the Images Without Borders Foundation, which combines culture and education. Producer of promotional and advertising films.


To apply for the training, complete the form HERE or below. The order of applications and answers to the questionnaire determines whether you qualify for the workshop. We will contact you with the information.


The project is financed from the funds received from NIW- CRSO under The Civil Society Organisations Development Programme for 2018-2030 CSODP (PROO).