DVV International is looking for non-formal education trainers!

When&where: November-December 2023, on-site in Warsaw.

About the program: Training of Trainers for young Belarusians residing in Warsaw who want to become trainers and leaders of their own educational activities for the community.

Profile of the trainers:

  • proven experience in conducting non-formal programs for educators;
  • understanding of the Belarusian context;
  • fluency in Belarusian/Russian language.

Scope of engagement:

  • design and conduct selected blocks of the program (preliminary framework provided);
  • prepare training materials; – provide timely feedback to participants;
  • attend the introductory meeting with a group of students (online);
  • take part in the synchronizing online session of trainers.

You can apply to any number of the program blocks of your choice! Deadline: September 26, 2023. Application: imaginey@dvv-international.de  

More info available here (in Russian): FOR MORE CLICK HERE

More about DVV International: www.dvv-international.de